Update - Hello! We hope your week has started well.

We have almost restored full functionality for all paid customers. Our free customers, however, can see a lack or even no Google Play reviews at all in their accounts. This is temporary, and soon everything will be back and functioning as it was.

Thank you and keep checking updates.

Aug 8, 10:39 UTC
Monitoring - Hello! Review collection and reviews related functionality is fully recovered for paid customers on our main servers, including:

- Google Play reviews collection
- Sending Google Play reviews to tickets in helpdesk system (we had a small bug for a few hours when wrong reviews to customers, it was quickly detected and fixed within a few hours)
- Google Play reviews translation
- Processing semantic data for new reviews

For App Store reviews, all these functionalities are already available for all.

Next steps:
- Monitoring the stability on those servers where the fix was applied
- Continue applying the fix for the rest of the customers

Thank you and stay tuned!

Aug 5, 05:11 UTC
Update - Hi there! We have a small status update—the issue is gone for App Store reviews, they are being collected on time. There are still some delays in Google Play reviews collection. We are working hard to resolve it as soon as possible.
Aug 3, 12:10 UTC
Identified - The issue has been identified, and the fix is being implemented. We are very grateful for your patience!
Aug 2, 13:18 UTC
Update - Hi there! We are still experiencing this unpleasant issue with a delay in reviews collection. Right now, we focus on overall performance and processing parsing data across all servers. Bringing back the stability of the service is our main priority.

We found one hypothesis regarding the delay. It is connected to us changing the processes and moving from legacy publishing tasks for stores to a new platform. That resulted in generating too many tasks for publishing and caused an overload for our cluster of processing data.

We will carry on with the investigation, meanwhile preparing the fix.

Aug 1, 13:10 UTC
Investigating - Hello! We are currently experiencing some delays in collecting reviews from both App Store and Google Play. At the moment we are looking into the cause and will update you very soon.
Jul 29, 09:24 UTC
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Past Incidents
Aug 19, 2022

No incidents reported today.

Aug 18, 2022

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Aug 17, 2022

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Aug 16, 2022

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Aug 15, 2022
Resolved - We're glad to announce that the issue with the duplicates has been resolved successfully for all our users.
Aug 15, 15:28 UTC
Update - Hello! We have a great update—we have finished the cleaning for all paid customers on the following servers: global2, global3 and global4. To learn what server your account is on, please scroll to the very bottom of any page in your AppFollow account, you'll find the name of your server next to "AppFollow" in between brackets.

We are continuing cleaning other servers and also normalizing functionality for all customers, paid and free.

Thank you and stay tuned.

Aug 9, 11:07 UTC
Update - We've been quiet for a while, but we've been working very hard.
Here's what was done to the moment:
We've changed the logic of the review collection to adapt to the most recent changes on the Google Play side.
The amount of data to process is nearly 2 Billion reviews and we already processed about 30% of it.
The process if very slow, and it is impossible to speed it up without affecting the platform performance.
We're incredibly grateful for your patience and will keep you updated.

Jul 29, 10:11 UTC
Update - We are still working on removing duplicates for reviews created before June 15th and preventing new duplicates from appearing.
The issue may affect analytical data (Agent Performance, Reviews & Replies chart, Semantic analysis) gathered before June 15th.
We're expecting the issue to be fixed by July 20th, please wait for the fix announcement to make sure that the data is accurate.

Jul 6, 10:17 UTC
Update - New reviews received after 15.06 shouldn't be duplicated, it is safe to reply to them. We are currently working on removing the duplicates created previously.
We'll keep you notified.

Jun 17, 09:09 UTC
Update - We are still working on the issue with duplicates. There might be some delays in collecting Google Play reviews today, on June 15th. Stay tuned!
Jun 15, 12:34 UTC
Monitoring - We have discovered that duplicated were caused by the changes made on the Google Play side in a way review ID is saved. We are currently adapting to these changes and continuously monitoring the situation. We have already deleted the majority of duplicates and applied the fix preventing duplicates from being sent to ticketing systems.
Jun 13, 13:14 UTC
Identified - Starting from June 7th we can see duplicates of Google Play reviews in AppFollow. We have found the root of the issue and removing all the duplicates now. We would recommend not to reply to these reviews until we have finished the cleaning because the reply might not get posted by the store. More updates to follow.
Jun 7, 13:13 UTC
Aug 14, 2022

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Aug 13, 2022

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Aug 12, 2022

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Aug 11, 2022

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Aug 10, 2022

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Aug 9, 2022
Aug 8, 2022

Unresolved incident: Delays in reviews collection..

Aug 7, 2022

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Aug 6, 2022

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Aug 5, 2022